We Pride ourselves to only Use “A” Grade ( the highest of the standard grades ) and “S” Grade (super grade) Instructors, ensuring our clients the very best and most experienced Instruction on the market today. Our team of instructors have many, many years of experience in racing & instructing , having numerous race, championship & World title wins. No other school offers this!!!!


"Delivering Performance through excellence"

Here at The Motorsports School at Mallory we offer ARDS Tests, the required course for candidates to acquire if successful their MSA National “B” race licence. This being the minimum requirement to compete in Car circuit races through out the UK. We pride ourselves on keeping all of our clients calm & relaxed at all times . Getting the best results from them .


Firstly each candidate must obtain the MSA Go Racing? starter pack, Available From the MSA approx £100-00. www.msauk.org. or Paul Jones 01978 663054 www.demon-tweeks.co.uk this does include your first years licence fee.


Each pack will include:

  • Licence application form, with your first years licence fee included

  • Go Racing DVD.


If you are 18 or over you will need to have a medical examination with a  Doctor who will fill in the medical section of the licence application form, some Doctors may charge for this. This can be done before or after your ARDS course, but before you apply for your race licence. ( if you already have a MSA licence that requires a Medical e.g. Karting this can be transported ).

Contact us on 01455 502412 to book your course. 


The ARDS test consists of the following:

Classroom briefing and watch the MSA Go Racing DVD.

Written multiple choice test - 27 questions based on the information given by our instructors in the earlier briefing and on the DVD.

Driving assessment, our instructors will demonstrate the lines, braking points, apex’s and techniques. You will require before you drive on the circuit. This will be demonstrated in car by your instructor.

If you think that you need some extra tuition / training  prior to sitting your test,  this is available with our Pre ARDS sessions. Please don't worry - we will not be looking for you to set a new lap record and although it is a assessment, we want you enjoy yourself as well. 


PRE ARDS Session - £120 >>

At The Motorsports School we offer Pre ARDS courses for those candidates who may be a little nervous about the ARDS licence course. This course lasts 1 hour and includes class room discussion on the written paper, followed by track time driving giving the candidates a better understanding of what is expected of them.


RACE & TRACK DAY TUITION - From £250 per day >>

(The LEGAL unfair advantage)

We offer Race & Track day tuition throughout the UK. Whether you’re experienced or a novice, we will get the best out of you enabling you to get the best out of your vehicle. Prices are from £250 per day dependant on location plus track time fee.

The Motorsports School Professional instructors can identify the smallest of errors, these errors are quite obvious to us and can be rectified quickly. The effect this has on the car can be dramatic, once you have felt how much better the car reacts and handles, there should be no reason to return to a less precise method of driving. In addition to an immediate gain in the client’s performance, they normally find significant improvements in the cars handling and a marked reduction in tyre wear! For the driver it can mean spectacular improvements in performance, higher finishing positions, race wins and even lap records. Also a reduction in wear of the vehicle saving the driver money over time!!

These improvements should then stay with you as long as you use the correct Techniques including: seating position, racing lines for wet and dry surfaces, Weight transfer and understanding the car's behaviour when using throttle and brake, Braking and trail braking-how to use the correct braking techniques to ensure the car remains settled into and exiting corners. Understeer and oversteer- what they are and how to correct them, inside track knowledge and secrets to assist you.​​

The Motorsports School undertakes Junior ARDS Courses for Juniors aged 14-16 years of age at Mallory Park & Donington Park >>

Firstly each candidate must obtain the MSA Go Racing? Starter packs, available from the MSA approx £100-00. www.msauk.org. or Paul Jones 01978 663054 www.demon-tweeks.co.uk this does include your first years licence fee.

This course is a comprehensive course lasting the whole day.                                          

Classroom briefing including new rules and flag signals, Theory, Circuit safety, watch the MSA Go Racing DVD.


Complete the written multiple choice test - 27 questions based on the information given by our instructors in the earlier briefing and on the DVD.

The content of the course will comprise of:
Circuit safety, Gear changing, Driving Position, Braking, Racing Lines,
Car Dynamics and Physics, Marshal's flags and Signals, Safety Car also
action to be taken in the event of accident/breakdown vehicle recovery and being towed.
We also discuss the chronology of a race meeting.

Juniors will drive a minimum of 4 sessions each one lasting 20-25 minutes with a de-brief in between. We will cover Gear changing, Down-changing techniques, Vision — ability to look sufficiently ahead and identify Marshal's signals, Braking, Weight transfer, Racing lines.

Cornering and a Race start (if possible). The Cost of this course is £600-00.