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George - Staffordshire

I'm so glad I chose Mallory for OLI'S Ards test. I found from start to finish that you both were very professional and at the same time very friendly and this meant that Oli and the other candidates didn't feel under extreme pressure. I so wished I had booked with you earlier in the year when Oli originally was going to take his Ards test. We had a bad experience without naming names and it left Oliver feeling very let down by the sport. Today changed his views and he was so happy when he passed. He told me he was made to feel at ease on arrival and throughout his time with yourselves.


I had such a great day and it was nice to be back at Mallory again.My only advise I can give is not to change your methods in anyway. I have been involved in the motorsports scene for nearly 30 years, and can honestly say I found your method of testing candidates for the Ards test a very pleasant experience, certainly a much more friendlier approach than when I took mine at Silverstone back in 1995. I was going to drop you a call tomorrow to say what a pleasant experience I had, and that I certainly will recommend anyone I know to call Mallory for there Ards test. 

Dawn - Oxfordshire

Hi Pete, just so say a big thank you for my ARDS and instruction today. I found the whole experience very uplifting and learnt a lot.  You really made me feel very comfortable, which I am sure helped with my driving. Still feel bad about crunching the gears! I can't wait to get my MR2 and do a test day with you, as I feel your experience and natural method of coaching will be very valuable in starting racing and maybe getting nearer to the front of the pack one day!

David - Northamptonshire

“We were made welcome from the moment we entered the car park at Mallory (well before that in reality – within email and phone communication) we were both a little nervous, as I’m sure many are, I think its because of the word “test”, but actually it didn’t seem like a test, it’s more like being “shown how its done properly” and then “you have a go” very relaxed, stress free and most of all, very enjoyable and informative. We both would have enjoyed staying out on track and doing loads more laps!”

Jake - Birmingham 

From my first  meeting with Pete which was whilst driving  one of his cars at Oulton park on a taster session. As a complete novice I was made to feel comfortable & relaxed. His teaching styles really worked well with me. I then asked if I could do more which I completed two more full day sessions, I then took my ARDS test with him and passed. I asked for advise on what I could race, Pete’s wealth of knowledge was most welcome. He helped me find a car and he sent his race engineer with me to buy the car.


When I got the car, I had two more sessions in my car then I entered my first race, Pete was there to help & advise. That was so valuable to me. well my first race came around I could not believe it rained & my nerves were all over the place. All I could hear in the back of my head was Pete’s instruction, I kept quiet and listened to my mentor in my head! The result could not of been better had I won. Thank you to Pete & your team at The Motorsports School I will continue to use your services.

Ryan - Derby

Hi Pete. I just wanted to give you feedback on my instruction day yesterday. Firstly I'd like to thank you very much for an exciting day and your professional but relaxing way of instructing. The day was very helpful and hands on, which has given me an excellent start and confidence to Race. I can only praise your techniques and methods of teaching Me. There are no areas that I can see for you to improve Pete. Once again thank you my friend. I hope to meet you again soon. Just a quick note to say thanks for the course on Saturday, thoroughly enjoyable and I felt that I learned a lot in a very relaxed atmosphere. I've been racking my brains to try and think if there is anything that would improve on the day, but to be honest I'm struggling to come up with anything. I'd also like to add what I nice atmosphere there was and a feeling of togetherness amongst all the staff that we spoke to, Instructors, Mechanics, Reception and Catering, admittidly the sun was shining .

Richard - Doncaster 

I have spent a really enjoyable few hours with Pete and Mel doing my ARDS test. The weather was atrocious, the rain was constant, the hot drinks were very welcome. We watched the ARDS video in nice warm surroundings with a brilliant view of most of the Mallory Park circuit, a question and answer session in very relaxed non hurried atmosphere, and then feeling really eased, sat the MSA/ ARDS test paper.


After that, another cuppa and tried on a crash helmet........... Then.

It was time to have the track driving part of the test. Pete drove onto the track via the paddock, the pit lane  and went through the safety elements associated with that part of a race day, including signing on, Clerk of the Course etc, then onto the track for a couple of laps one at steady pace and the second at race speeds.

Then we came into the pits, swapped places, then it was my turn.

We did several laps with positioning, braking, driving line, turning points and with questions thrown in from Pete regarding what would you do if this happened, if a marshal waved a particular flag etc etc and all the time we were picking up the pace, with the rain still hammering down.  Then it was time all too quickly to come in for the debriefing, back in the warmth of the 'test' room, for another cuppa, and to be told those really special words

"You've passed". Brill, absolutely brill.


Its nice to respect someone, its nice to like someone, its nice to feel relaxed with someone, and trust them, but very rare to find all those things with one person, but I did with Pete. Many many Thanks to both Mel for looking after the paperwork and keeping the kettle working and Pete for everything else.


Thankyou very much.